Pubblicato da: ricky | ottobre 25, 2007

The Knife / Like a pen

TITOLO: Like a pen
AUTORE: The Knife
ALBUM: Silent shout (2006)

Prima dell’LP Silent Shout, gli svedesi The Knife erano conosciuti soprattutto per le loro collaborazioni con altri artisti: con Josè Gonzales, per esempio, che con la cover di una loro canzone (Heartbeats) ha raggiunto la notorietà internazionale; ma anche e soprattutto con i Royksopp, ai quali la cantante Karin Dreijer Andersson ha prestato la propria voce nel singolo What else is there. Lo scorso inverno tuttavia il popolo dei club europei ha imparato a conoscere questo singolare duo, tanto schivo nei rapporti con i media, quanto esuberante on-stage (i loro live sono descritti come esperienze audiovisive assolutamente indimenticabili). Like a pen è stato infatti uno dei migliori pezzi da discoteca (ma non solo) usciti recentemente. Merito dell’inconfodibile voce della Andersson, ma anche dell’innegabile coolness dello spigoloso e minimale arrangiamento electro.

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  1. ahh The Knife, love them! Crazy swedish band, definately the epitome of electro chill. this album was different to deep cuts, has a really morbid sound to me. ‘we share our mothers health’ mix with Trentemoller was in my head for months last year, loved this song too. always wanted to see them live, i’ve heard their concerts are insane!good choice ricky

  2. thanks sarah! speaking of Trentemoller, have you heard his new album “The Trentemoller Chronicles”? I love it (it contains the remix of “we share our mother health” too).

  3. yes i have!!! isnt he going to be playing this month in italy?? i like disc two with all of the collaborations, royksopp – what else is there , omg luvvvv it! and i love the song ‘ moan’ as well. definately want to catch his tour at some point, i heard he’s playing with armand van helden( saw his set a few years ago, insane) ahh im such a techno bunny

  4. yes, he’s playing tomorrow in bologna, so 30 km from where i live. sadly i don’t know if i can manage to go there. if i do, ill definetely let you know how it was!

  5. ah im so jealous of you! you must find a way to go, it should be amazing, yes definately tell me how it was if you do. you should just report on electro-techno all the time! have you heard of mr oizo? great french dj, famous for that flat beat song a million yrs ago, very cool. you should enlighten me on djs to watch for!

  6. actually im a newbie in the eclectro-techno scene, even if im gettig more and more into it! mr.oizo, yeah, the legendary flat beat, unforgettable song and unforgettable music video! I’ll definetely report about other electro-techno stuff, there’s more to come in the next weeks. stay tuned! 😉

  7. well u have good taste for someone new to it, although maybe thats just because your in europe. i really wanna check out a lot of the parisian dj’s, daft punk is huge here, blahhhh, my favourite is dimitri from paris, definately listen to him or even cassius. but i know italians hate the french so maybe not…

  8. i like cassius, i’ll definetely report something about him (toop toop?). I pretty much like the french scene, the so called “french touch”. It’s very different from the scandinavian or german one, but still very good. After all some of my all-time dancefloor favourites are french (like modjo’s “lady” or Stardust’s “music sounds better with you”). You should check Etienne De Crecy too. I don’t know dimitri, so i’ll look for it!

  9. ahhh those are my favourite songs too, omg flashbacks to going clubbing with a fake ID haha, its impossible for me to listen to those songs without smiling and reminiscing, and the guy from stardust is in daft punk. never heard of etienne de crecy…. yes toop toop, or even that song ‘thrilla’ with one of the guys from the wu tang clan, old song but good

  10. hey ricky how was the concert?? did you set fire to the dancefloor? hehe

  11. It was brilliant!!! You really have to see him when he comes to Australia. He can make the audience move like a puppet. And every song is played live: a drummer and a guitar player are on stage with him.


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